Living Deliberately Unbound allows me to express myself with a healthy sense of vulnerability. 

Self-Expression requires me to Trust that I can safely say what I feel, know, or believe, in my efforts to meet my intention of living my Life as is appropriate for me. 

If Self-Care or Self-Expression feels out of reach for you, it’s really not. For me, several factors fell into place for the development of my curiosity. Perhaps you can begin by asking yourself, “What matters to my Life?”

It Can Happen If You Try. 

It wasn’t long after I made my first post on Self-Care, I recognized I had not been expressing myself as much as I had thought. I also learned by listening to myself I was not the person I believed myself to be. 

Several years ago, I set my intent to try public expression of what’s important for me. What I learned from an exercise in vulnerability was that it matters that I feel heard, understood, by others and myself and the only way out was through.

Three-fourths of my life passed before I recognized that to Become Unbound I needed to feel internal and external safety to be vulnerable. I had to meet my ego, and taming was needed before I could believe I mattered in this world; before I allowed myself to ask for what I needed, or to express my thoughts. 

Self-Expression takes a commitment to make allies of all parts of self. This commitment meant making the time to understand me, what matters to me, and how to elevate my opinion of myself. 

I don’t mind that it takes me longer than others to arrive at a resolution, expressing myself in a way that’s unique to me. I’m not a creative writer, singer, musician, dancer, artist, or famous personality. I am Me, and I write with the intent to express. A lot. And that’s who I am at this moment. 

If you resonate with my writing that’s a bonus for me. If not, I am not offended because I write for my Life. 

Journaling Saved My Life. 

This is especially true when answering questions and sharing the path to recovery from my traumatic experiences. My intention is to find the answers to my questions that make the most sense to me. However, sometimes I am asked to Trust the best answer possible, even when I know that answer may change in the future. 

I would not have known any of this about myself if not for setting an intent to pursue Self-Awareness and deliberately seek an Unbound relationship with my Life. It happened because unconsciously I Cared at the moment I made my mind up to leave Life several years ago. 

I Dared To Care. 

Feeling motivated to apply knowledge of Self-Care can be a challenge when we are feeling unsafe, incapable, or stop ourselves with thought barriers. 

Where you place your focus is where your energy flows. Your beliefs and values about who you are and what is important to you affect your relationship with Life. Unexplored and unexpressed thoughts can interfere with living as the highest version of ourselves. 

You CAN discover and utilize your strengths through whatever means is appropriate for you. 

What do you value? What do you believe in? What do you want to do and change? What can you do to change and create the life you choose? What do you need or want to say? What do you want people to know about YOU? 

Mindset Matters. 

Self-Expression is important to increasing our confidence to navigate the landscape of the internal and external changes we are ALL currently experiencing; not just traumatic experiences. 

Choice Makes it Happen. Express Yourself! 

We aren’t meant to crumble under the “shoulds” of others or ourselves. Caring for yourself isn’t selfishness; it’s necessary to freely express what needs to be heard and understood. 

It matters to me what all parts of me need to say. When I know what matters to me, I understand who I am, what I feel and believe about myself in relation to others in the world. I can believe that I am Empowered, Unleashed, and Living Deliberately Unbound with Intentional Expression! 

What can you do TODAY to Express Care for Yourself? 

🤍🕊️ Sher