Writer’s Corner

Set Up Tips

Sticky notes are close a best friend at my desk. They hold every thought I have while processing a story, I can move them around while I organize the flow.

Make sure it’s in  a well lit room, lots of space to write and of course hold the never ending drink of water, coffee, tea..or?

A comfortable chair if you are at a desk and assuring it’s the write height to sit with good posture while write is essential. Don’t forget the leg room and comfort for your feet. I keep a foot stool under mine to raise my knees when I feel cramped and want to push through to the end of a story or chapter.

Take breaks! It’s cool that you want to get the story or chapter finished, but for the love of … we need breaks. Stand up, stretch, go outside, do your other tasks.

Set a time to write daily. It’s a discipline. Set yourself to write a 1,000 words a day and within a few months your story will be finished.

More thoughts on this process coming soon. I’m not a pro, but I’ll be sharing this from the “reality” side of things. I don’t believe in filling heads with fluff.

Growing with Love,
Sher Unbound

Journaling Tips

Journaling has always been like a conversation with myself, and my writing genuinely reflects whether I am detached, attuned, or how I feel about myself in the moment.

It is a healthy way of expressing ourselves, especially when we are struggling with inner work and vulnerability.

Here are my personal tips shared with you to help improve your journaling experience if you are a beginner (or enhance your experience if you are a pro!).

  • Carry your journal with you. This means it may need to be a bit smaller than the beautiful leather bound version you have your eyes on. You never know when you will be inspired by a quote, a thought, a message and our recall is not 100 percent. 
  • Use a pen that fits your hand well when you write. There is nothing more frustrating than to be in the zone with your thoughts and the pen runs out of ink! 
  • Keep the entries short. You can expand later, but try and be as specific as possible in your initial entries. 
  • Be creative! Doodle while you think, write key words your are thinking, add stickers, draw in it. It’s your view into yourself. 
  • Avoid “Dear Diary”, etc. It’s a sure fire block. 
  • Write to YOURSELF. This is the crucial point. Write you and and your inner child. If you are writing a message to someone in your journal, name them, but ultimately it’s about what you feel and think. 
  • Try and set a time to write first thing of the day or before bed or both. Mornings are great time to set intentions on paper and before bed helps you process the day for better sleep. 
  • If you write your entries you access deeper parts of your subconscious and are less distracted. It also helps process the thoughts. 
  • Write ugly, NEVER edit! 
  • Journal wherever you please. As long as you are comfortable with your thoughts, and relaxed to allow thoughts to flow, this is your space and place. 
  • Stuck for what to start with? Use the prompts on this page or search the internet for journaling prompts.

25 Journaling Prompts

  • What is Self Care to you?
  • How do you care for yourself?
  • Describe “safe space”.
  • Write about your safe space.
  • What do you do to push painful experiences away? 
  • What challenges are you facing? Write about them and what you can do to alleviate them. 
  • Do you feel safe overall? Why/Why not?
  • Close your eyes and try to describe in your mind what you hear, feel, smell. Write about that.
  • If present me could talk to me 10 , 20 years ago, I would say…
  • What is positive about triggers?
  • How do you ground yourself?
  • I am most proud of….
  • I feel shame about…
  • What are your wants? What are your needs?
  • Are you afraid of rejection?
  • Do you see yourself as a mirror to others?
  • Do you know your purpose?
  • Three ways I can increase my self-love are…
  • What is your legacy? 
  • How do you abandon yourself?
  • How do you connect to your emotions?
  • What do you expect from others that you can provide for yourself? 
  • Write about using creative expression for emotional release. 
  • What can you control? What are you unable to change? What does that feel like?
  • What myths were you told as a kid about sex?
  • What’s something you learned through friends you wish your parent told you?
  • How do you hear yourself? Harsh? Soft? Neutral? What do you feel you sound like. Why? 
  • Were you told as a kid “you should be ashamed” ? What are your thoughts on shame? 
  • Describe “authenticity”. What does it mean to you?
  • Have you visited your shadow self? Were you shocked or pleased? 
  • What irritates you about other people? 
  • Write about what you deny yourself. 
  • What sets your soul on fire? 
  • If you couldn’t fail, what would you do? 
  • Describe the person you WISH or WANT to be. What keeps you from being that person?


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